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News Flash! Our farm is now for sale.
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Welcome to True Love Whole Foods at The Farm at Cedar Woods, your local Nanaimo farm fresh source for produce, truly free range eggs, 100% grass fed beef, and lovingly raised livestock such as family milk goats and cows.

As a small mixed farm, we work hard to help our community put delicious, nutritious food on the dinner table. Lucky us, we get to eat like this every to join us?

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Now Available at our Nanaimo Farm

Things can get pretty hectic at times here on the farm, and we don't always have time to send out a newsletter or update our Facebook page with what we currently have available for sale. So we've decided to try a new way to stay in touch.

From livestock to veggies, you'll now be able to find a link right here on our home page to get more info and pricing on farm items that are available right now or coming very soon.

Here's what's available on the farm right now...

Grass fed beef - our freezers are now stocked with more of our 100% grass fed Highland beef. Freezer boxes in assorted sizes and with varied cuts are now available for purchase.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats ~ We have been reducing our herd this year and we have one more (possibly two) milking does available. Learn more about our goats here.

Cattle  ~ We have also been downsizing our herd of cattle recently, and may do some more reductions soon. We currently have one Highland cow available, and would possibly sell a 2nd cow, heifer and/or steer.

Veterinary Meds and Small Farm Supplies In order to support and encourage small farmers and homesteaders in doing the important work of raising fresh, healthy food, we carry items such as poultry supplies, natural health care products for your farm creatures, and miscellaneous farm supplies such as mineral feeders and supplements for your small farm animals. Farmer Susan holds a veterinary drug dispenser license so she can also help you with many farm-related medications such as de-wormers, oral and injectable vitamin and mineral supplements, and many other items.

Here's a Sampling of Our Farm Fresh Goodies

Red hot peppers!
Farm fresh free range eggs
Our signature Croatian lettuce

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We look forward to seeing you soon at our farm in Cedar, 15 minutes south of downtown Nanaimo.