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Dexter cattle are a smaller breed typically raised for beef, but they are also becoming more popular as family milk cows. Due to their smaller size and generally docile temperament, they are ideal for first time farmers, for those with small acreages, and/or for folks wanting a dual purpose milk/meat breed.

highland bullDelilah will do tongue yoga for alfalfa cubes!

Yielding a smaller carcass, Dexter beef is lean and flavourful, and won't require a huge investment in freezer space.

As family milk cows, their milk is quite rich with a lovely cream, and the amount is much more manageable for smaller families who don't need 3 gallons or more per milking that a larger milk breed such as a Jersey or Holstein will give.

Our Dexter cattle are friendly and will happily eat out of our hands. We interact with them daily and they respond well when we ask them to back up, move along, etc.

They are also accustomed to coming into the barn stall in turn each morning, for milking and/or supplemental feeding.

Delilah will even try to impress you with tongue yoga in exchange for alfalfa cubes!

We've decided to reduce our numbers of both Dexters and Highlands so that we can actually enjoy our "retirement" on the farm. We'll keep 2 cows of each breed, enough to keep our pastures under control and provide us with milk and beef.

Please note: Our herd is NOT registered and we do not have any registered Dexter cattle for sale.

Dexter Cattle For Sale - Cows & Steer Calves

Lucy (bred cow) & Rónán (yearling steer)

This 3-in-1 package consists of Lucy, a bred 7 year old cow due to calve in May, and her 2018 yearling steer calf Rónán, both pictured below.

Lucy is an excellent mother and an experienced milk cow
Lucy's calf Rónán is a Dexter-Jersey cross born January 2018

Lucy is a 7 year old cow who calves easily and is always an excellent mother. She has lots of experience as a milk cow and produces plenty of milk even with a calf-sharing situation. Lucy stands patiently for milking either by hand or machine. She has good feet, a friendly disposition, and is hornless. A purebred Dexter, Lucy willingly takes treats from our hands and enjoys being brushed.

Rónán's sire is a Jersey so he has a larger frame and he has some of the Jersey height as well. We're selling him along with Lucy so the two can keep each other company until Lucy's next calf is born in mid-May. Rónán could go for processing anytime after that, or just keep him as a pet and companion for Lucy and her calf.

Price: $2,500 for this 3-in-1 package

Please contact us with any questions or to make an appointment to view.

Delilah & Ciarán (cow-calf pair)  SOLD

Delilah is a 2 year old first calf heifer with her steer calf Ciarán at foot. Both are purebred Dexters but unregistered.

Although she calved quite young, Delilah has been a very good mother to Ciarán. With a good supplemental feeding program she has kept good condition and had plenty of milk for her calf, who has grown very well.

Delilah is quite food motivated and loves to eat alfalfa cubes from our hands (that's her doing tongue yoga above!). 

Though she no longer requires regular grain and alfalfa supplements, we always fed her in a head gate so she could easily be trained to milk if desired.

We have been working with Ciarán to build his confidence around people, and he now comes into the barn every morning for a small pan of treats and a good scratching session, which he is enjoying more and more each day.

With continued handling, Ciarán would make a fine 4H project, and/or future beef steer. He has been dehorned, and Delilah is naturally polled.

At this time he is being sold only with his mother Delilah, as he is too young yet to be weaned.

Delilah has a lot going for her, as she is young with many breeding years ahead, and she has already proven herself as a mother. She and Ciarán would make an excellent addition to the small/hobby farm looking for a brood cow and/or family milk cow, as well as some beef for the freezer now and then.

Delilah's DOB: March 25, 2016
Ciarán's DOB: October 5, 2017

Price: $2,000 for the pair. A package price of $3000 is offered if also purchasing Daisy (below.)

Please contact us with any questions or to make an appointment to view.

Here are a few more photos of Delilah and Ciarán...

Daisy (first calf heifer)  SOLD

Daisy is a 2 year old first calf heifer currently in milk. Sadly, she lost her tiny heifer calf a few hours after birth last October, but we have been milking her since then so she is now well trained to the milking routine.

Daisy provides us with approximately 2 litres of creamy milk each morning, which is a manageable amount for our small family. Because she calved very young, in future freshenings she will very likely produce much more milk. Daisy is a purebred Dexter but is not registered.

Throughout the ordeal of trying to save her calf, Daisy was quite calm while we and our vet worked on the calf beside her. Aside from being tiny - only 10 lbs - our vet said the calf did not appear to have any defects or other issues.

Because we did not know that Daisy had been bred very young at her previous home, unfortunately she did not receive the supplemental feeding program she should have been on in late pregnancy.

Now that she is mature enough to support both herself and a calf through a pregnancy, our vet says there is no reason to expect problems with future calves.

Daisy is quite well-mannered and will wait patiently for her feed pan to be filled at milking time. We currently milk once a day in the morning. She does dance a little still, mostly just as her milk lets down, but otherwise she stands quietly and does not pull or struggle at the head gate.

She has certainly improved quite a lot since starting her unplanned training as a milk cow! Daisy is currently milked by machine but has occasionally been hand milked as well. She is naturally polled so horns are not an issue.

Daisy will bring many benefits to her new owners. At just two years old she has many productive calving years ahead of her. She is currently in milk so if you prefer not to wait for breeding and calving in order to start milking your own cow, Daisy can be milked starting the day after she arrives at your farm. She is also in very good condition and is ready to bred back at any time, so you can have your first calf on the way in short order.

Daisy's DOB: March 10, 2016
Calving Date:: October 11, 2017

Price: $1,300. A package price of $3000 is offered if also purchasing Delilah and Ciarán (above.)

Please contact us with any questions or to make an appointment to view.

Here are a few more photos of Daisy...

If you would like to view any of our Dexter cattle, or if you have questions about any of our livestock, please contact Susan to discuss.

We are located in Cedar, 15 minutes south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC. Transport can be arranged to destinations across Canada for an extra fee, if required.