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While we do carry some off-farm products for your convenience, we pride ourselves on our high quality, farm fresh produce. This includes fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, free range eggs, extra lean grass-fed beef, and chemical-free hay cut from our own and neighbouring fields.

Fresh Garden Produce

Our signature Croatian lettuce

Our gardens produce a wide variety of seasonal vegetables which are grown without the use of chemicals, of course.

From asparagus to zucchini, you'll be amazed at what we can grow in our mild west coast climate!

At the moment we've decided to take a break from retail sales from our garden. We still have so many infrastructure projects to complete around the farm, and with the garden being as much work as it is, it's the logical place to cut back.

We'll still be growing for our own needs of course, and for Gabriel's Gourmet Cafe. If we do have extra produce available to retail this year, we'll announce it on our Facebook page.

You can follow us on our farm Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch as the season develops, and find out if and when we have produce to sell.

Grass Fed Beef

We raise Highland cattle, and once or twice a year we have limited quantities of grass-fed beef for sale.

This specialty beef is very lean and flavourful, and is ideal for those wanting premium quality, 100% grass-fed meat.

As of May, 2018 we are now sold out. You can get priority notification when our next order of beef is ready, and be first in line to purchase. Just email us to get on our notification list and we'll let you know as soon as we have pricing, quantities and delivery dates.

You can read more about how we raise our cattle here.

Free Range Eggs

Our flock of happy hens spend the day scratching for greens and bugs in the great outdoors.

We supplement their natural diet with non-GMO feed which we often ferment to help ensure our girls get plenty of probiotics for a healthy gut.

They also get our own farm-grown sunflowers and corn for treats, as well as abundant greens and other veggies in season.

Right now Gabriel's Gourmet Cafe in downtown Nanaimo buys all our eggs, so unfortunately we don't have any available for retail sale. But you can always get a taste by enjoying one of Gabe's delicious breakfasts!

Happy hens scratching in the hay

Hay Sales

We cut our own hay for our animals, and often we have extra to sell. Visit our hay sales page to find out availability and current pricing, and to place your order.