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2018 First Cut Grass Hay

2018 First Cut Grass Hay - Late May Harvest

Important note re GST:
CRA rules state that we must charge GST if the hay is for non-production livestock (horses, donkeys, pet goats, etc). If it is for production livestock we do not have to charge GST if you are buying 750 kg or more (approx 30 bales). If buying less than this amount, we need to charge GST regardless of the use.

Thanks to plentiful early Spring rainfall and an ideal window for fertilizing, we were able to harvest most of our 2018 hay in late May, at the peak of nutrition.

This hay is fertilized each Spring for optimum growth and nutrition, but we never use pesticides or herbicides.

It has been in dry/dark storage in our barn loft since harvest, in order to retain maximum nutrition.

Bales weigh on average 50 lb and are comprised mainly of orchard grass varieties.

We feed this hay to our goats, sheep and cattle, and have many customers whose horses enjoy it also.

The price for this hay is $10/bale with a minimum order of 10 bales please.

Our 2018 Hay - Baled and in the Barn

If you just need a few bales of hay, we suggest purchasing at your local farm and feed store such as Buckerfield's or Shar-Kare, as these shops are set up to handle retail sales of small quantities.

Potential buyers are always welcome to look at the hay without obligation, to determine if it will be suitable for your creatures.

We regret that we are not able to offer delivery at this time.

To book a time to see the hay or pick up a load, please send us an email.

More Photos of our 2018 Hay