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We've kept Highland cattle almost since we first bought our farm. We decided on this breed because of their hardiness, inclination to browse as well as graze, and their reputation for easy calving and natural disease resistance. Of course, they are also quite the lookers, and visitors to our farm often comment on our beautiful "hairy coos." Highlands are also quite long lived, and cows are often productive into their late teens or even early twenties!

highland bullHand feeding our highland bull

Highlands are well known for their very lean beef. This is partially a result of their thick hairy coat that keeps them toasty warm, so they don't need to store as much extra fat in winter.

They also don't require barning, as they will happily bed down in a snow bank, and they shed water almost as well as a duck!

Despite some scary looking horns, this is actually a very gentle breed. Of course, it's never wise to turn your back on a large animal, but as an extra precaution we have opted to have all of our cattle dehorned by our vet. New calves are dehorned under sedation at 2-3 weeks of age.

Sorry, we don't currently have any Highland cattle for sale. However, as our farm is for sale we might have one bred cow available in the near future. If interested, please ask us for details.

Please note: Our herd is NOT registered and we do not have any registered Highland cattle for sale.

Highland Cattle For Sale - Cows & Heifers

Maggie (bred) & Bonnie (yearling heifer) ~ SOLD

Maggie (above left) is about 8 years old and the matriarch of our herd. True to her breed, Maggie has proven to be a fabulous mom, and has always been in excellent health. She was bred to our Lowline bull in August and is expecting her next calf on or about May 22, 2019.

Her August 2017 yearling heifer Bonnie (above right) is a gorgeous young lass who inherited her lovely red locks from her sire, a purebred Highland bull. Although our bull runs with the herd, Bonnie is not yet bred as Highland heifers typically don't come into first heat until approximately two years of age.

Highlands are very long lived and cows typically calve well into their late teens or early 20'. Maggie has proven herself and still has many productive years ahead of her, while Bonnie should be ready for her first breeding this coming Summer.

3-in-1 Package Price: $3,600. Please contact us with questions or to make an appointment to view.

Here are a few more photos of Maggie and Bonnie.

Isabelle - 2015 Bred Heifer  (Sold)

This stunning young lady turned 2 years old in April, 2017. She was bred to our bull before his departure and is due in April 2018.

Isabelle is a gorgeous dark red heifer, likely owing to the influence of her sire, a handsome brindle bull. She enjoys a good brushing, and will gladly take apples and pears from our hands.

Isabelle is sturdy with a very solid build. She will contribute many years of productivity to a new herd.

Price: $2,200 bred. Please contact us with questions or to arrange a viewing. Isabelle is NOT registered.

Muriel & Belle - Cow with December 2017 Heifer Calf (Sold)

Muriel is a 7 year old cow that just had her 4th calf on December 26, 2017. She is also mother to Isabelle, above.

Muriel has been very productive for us and is always quick to breed back. She is our herd queen and does a great job of keeping order in the pasture.

An excellent mother and an all around solid cow, Muriel is ready to bring her talents to your farm!

Price: $2,800 with calf at foot. Please contact us with questions or to arrange a viewing. Muriel is NOT registered.

Harriet & Anna - bred cow + 2017 heifer calf (Sold)

Harriet is approximately 6 years old and is now raising her 4th calf born March 12, 2017. She has just been bred back to our bull and is being sold as a 3-in-1 package along with her 2017 heifer calf Anna.

Harriet has produced 75% heifer calves for us so far - 3 heifers and a bull calf - making her a great choice if you are looking to grow your herd.

She is quite mild-mannered, and her first calf Fiona enjoys a good brush or scratch, as well as a belly rub.

Price: $3,000 as a 3-in-1 package.

Please contact us with questions or to make an appointment to view. Harriet is NOT registered.

Sadie - Yearling Heifer Calf (Sold)

Sadie was born Feb 29, 2016 and is Harriet's 2016 heifer calf.

She is sweet natured, will take treats from our hand, and occasionally accepts a quick brushing when we have the time.

Sadie may be ready for breeding as early as late Fall of this year, as Highland heifers are typically ready to breed at approximately 2 years of age.

Price: $1,400. Sadie is NOT registered. Please contact us to arrange to meet Sadie, or with any questions.

Nellie - 2016 Heifer Calf (Sold)

Nellie is Maggie's 2016 calf, born in June. She has a sweet, somewhat shy personality though she is starting to learn that people are good because they bring treats! 

She is shown here enjoying her breakfast with her mom looking on just behind her.

Price: $1,200.

Nellie is NOT registered.

If you would like to view any of our Highland cattle, or if you have questions about any of our livestock, please contact Susan to discuss.

We are located in Cedar, 15 minutes south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC.