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We raise a variety of animals on our mixed working farm, from laying hens to Highland beef cattle, and we often have livestock available for sale.

So that you can make an informed decision on your purchase, we always provide complete information on each animal, including health history and the reason for selling. Potential buyers are welcome to contact us with questions, or to set up a viewing time.

To see full details and photos of all animals we currently have available for sale, please click on any of the links below.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We started off keeping two of these fun and friendly goats for our own milking needs, and are now breeding regularly for year 'round milk production and improvements to our herd.

We are selecting specifically for milking traits and temperament in this lovely miniature dairy goat.

Kids, breeding bucks, milking does and pet wethers may be available depending on the time of year and our need to reduce the size of our herd.

Kidding starts in Spring and we sometimes have Summer and Fall kids available as well.

Our kids are raised with their dams whenever possible, so they can get the full benefit of mother's milk and herd socialization.

But we also spend lots of time handling the kids daily so they're super tame and friendly with their human caretakers.

Kids are generally ready to go to new homes at 10-12 weeks of age.

Click to see Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale

Highland Cattle

Highland cattle are prized for their very lean beef. They are hardy and self-sufficient animals that don't require shelter, other than shade from the Summer sun.

Although their horns may look scary, they are actually a very gentle breed. Our bull will even eat apples and pears from our hands!

While we raise our cattle primarily to sell as beef, we occasionally have one or more live animals for sale.

At this time we have decided to reduce our herd to facilitate improvement of our pastures. We have several cows and heifers for sale.

Click here to view our available cows and heifers

Ossabaw Island Hogs

We have decided to sell 2-3 of our gilts (young females) as these gals have been so efficient at the land clearing job we gave them and their services are no longer needed.

We bought them originally to dig up poor pastures and clear brush, but we don't need to keep 5 breeding sows so we are making a few available to those who would like to breed.

Ossabaws are a smaller pig, easier to handle, very intelligent, good foragers and extremely hardy. 

Priced at $350 for one, $600 for two, or $800 for three gilts, these pigs were born December 2016 and are now at the start of their breeding careers so they have maximum production years ahead of them. To inquire about these pigs, please email us for more information.


At the moment we are keeping only hybrid laying birds with a focus on egg production, and we renew our flock annually.

We do sell adult laying hens after approximately 12-18 months of laying, but we won't have any available until at least the Spring of 2018.

These "experienced" layers will be available at greatly reduced prices and will continue to lay for about another year.

We'll post an update here when we have laying hens available again.