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If you've fallen in love with these charming little caprines, welcome to the club! We got our very first ND's in the fall of 2013 and haven't looked back. Their friendly, curious nature, sweet and creamy milk, and entertaining antics make the Nigerian Dwarf breed the ideal goat for the small acreage or homestead.

We are currently raising an unregistered herd. If you are looking for registered Nigerian Dwarf goats please contact us and we will try to put you in touch with a registered breeder close to you.

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A Little About Our Goats

Here on our farm, we ensure all our newborn goats are very well socialized with both goats and humans. That way they learn proper goat behaviours, but they also learn people manners and grow up to be super friendly yet respectful, which we feel is particularly important for bucks.

Two of our bucks, Jelly Bean and Sir Walter Raleigh, enjoying cuddles with Farmer Susan

We select our breeding bucks partly on the basis of temperament, and we work with them from the time they're born to ensure they grow up friendly, well-mannered, and respectful of us as their guardians.

When they're young they enjoy frequent cuddles and other positive interaction with us, but we also provide appropriate guidance as they grow up so they understand what acceptable behaviour looks like.

This year we are using one of our own bucks for breeding (Jelly Bean, pictured above), as well as a new registered buckling, Vincent van Goat. Jelly Bean is out of one of our top milking does and his sire is also from excellent milking lines. Vinnie comes to us from another local breeder raising a herd of registered, high quality milking goats, and we brought him in to continue improving our herd. With blue eyes, wattles, gorgeous colours and super sweet personalities in our bucks, we are sure looking forward to our 2018 kidding season!

Check out that udder!
Milk production is a very important part of our breeding program

We also have some lovely colours in our herd of does.

Small stature is another aspect  we keep in mind when breeding. After all, this is a miniature breed!

But primarily we select for milk production in our breeding program.

This means that our goal is to have goats that produce a good quality and quantity of milk.

Finally, we select for patience, pleasant temperament and good milking manners, so that our goats will be easy to work with on the milk stand.

Our goats eat a natural diet of pasture, browse and high quality hay, supplemented with a complete loose mineral and a variety of natural whole food supplements such as kelp meal, sunflower seed, flax seed, and nutritional herbs.

Their treats consist primarily of pesticide-free fruits and veggies from our garden, and each milking doe gets an individually tailored ration of grain, alfalfa and other supplements specific to her needs.

We currently milk once a day in the morning, and we record the milk production of each doe daily so we can evaluate the relative productivity of each doe. Our goats receive pedicures (hoof trims) every 4-6 weeks to keep their feet and legs healthy. As much as possible we use natural husbandry methods along with excellent nutrition, plenty of fresh air, sunshine, exercise and love, to provide the basis for optimal health.

Sales and Kid Reservations

It is our firm belief there is a right home for every animal, and a right animal for every home. For example, an animal may have a hard time fitting in on one farm due to the herd dynamics or management routine, yet be a perfect fit on another farm that can better accommodate its specific personality, temperament, socialization needs, etc.

We strive to find the best fit for you and for any animals we list for sale, in order to ensure both you and your new friend(s) are happy. To that end, we are happy to assist you in finding a good match.

Please feel free to ask questions about any animal we have for sale, and to tell us about your current set up and situation, so that we can help you find the perfect animal to take home.

Keep in mind that goats are herd animals and they need to have at least one other caprine companion or they will be very unhappy. For this reason, we will only sell in pairs, unless you have one or more goats already.

KID RESERVATIONS: Due to the high demand for kids, we work from a reservation list each year. The list usually starts the Fall prior, before breeding gets underway, and names will be added as long as we still have kids on the way.

How To Get On Our Reservation List

As of mid-February 2018, we have over 30 names on our reservation list, with most wanting at least 2 goats. We are happy to add your name to our list, but please be aware that the it's unlikely we will be able to match everyone with the goats they would like, particularly those near the bottom of the list.

To place your name on our list, please use the contact form on this page to send us an email. Be sure to let us know if you'd like doelings, bucklings or wethers, how many of each, any special requests for eye or coat colouring, and whether these will strictly be pets or if you plan to milk, use them for brush clearing, etc.

Since we want to ensure our goats go to excellent homes where they will be loved and well cared for over the long term, it's also helpful if you can tell us a little about your family, your property, your fencing and goat housing, any previous experience raising pets or livestock, and anything else you think is relevant and will help us make a good match for you.

A few weeks before our first kids are due to arrive, we send an email to everyone on our list, asking them to re-confirm their spot. This ensures our list is current and avoids wasted time and effort trying to contact people who are no longer interested for whatever reason. If you decide to put your name on our reservation list, please be sure to watch for and respond to the confirmation email which will arrive in mid-March 2018.

When the kids start to arrive in the Spring, we go through our list in order looking for the best match and we contact the next person on the list for whom the kids appear to be suitable. Please note that this allows for a little leeway in moving through our list, and means that sometimes we skip over someone temporarily because the kids are not suitable for them (if they wanted two doelings with blue eyes for example, but we have a brown-eyed doe and a wether available, we may move down the list to the next person who wanted that combination).

We then invite that person out to our farm to meet us and the kids, if they haven't already visited our operation. If we all feel it will be a good match, we ask for a $50 deposit per kid, which holds the youngsters until they are old enough to go to their new home. This is generally between 8-12 weeks of age and is dependent on rate of growth and the development of socialization and independence skills.

All our goats are disbudded/hornless (unless otherwise requested and full payment received as a deposit) and will be ready to go to their new home with a recent hoof trim, their personal health/history form, and a written nutrition and feeding plan. We also provide unlimited mentoring/guidance via email if desired, to help new goat owners and their animals thrive.

Our Upcoming Kidding Season

We will be breeding about a dozen does to kid between late March and late July 2018. As we always have many more buyers than available kids, we strongly suggest getting on our reservation list (see above for how to do this).

In 2018 we may be doing a herd reduction, so we may also have a few adult does for sale with or without their kids. If you are interested in one of these "packages" you can read more about this option towards the bottom of this page.

Being on our reservation list does not obligate you to purchase, but rather holds your place in line so that you will have the option to purchase a kid that meets your needs, if one is available.

Once we have a kid(s) that you would like to purchase, a $50 deposit will hold them until they are old enough to be weaned and go home with you


Please note that as breeders, we always reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm, and to withhold it from sale before making it available to those on our list. This means that some kids born may not be available for purchase, even if you are first on our reservation list.

Pictured below are 3 of our senior does who will be kidding in 2018.

Marigold (after removing her nose from the treat pan!)

Also participating in our 2018 breeding program are Poppy, Miso, Clover, Cookie, Cocoa, Lolly, Olivia, Trixie and Bubbles.


For the 2018 season, doelings are priced at $400 each, pet wethers at $200. Bucklings are $300. Please note that buckling reservations will take priority over wethers, BUT we will only sell an intact buckling if he is going to a home where his services will be utilized (ie wethers are pets, bucks are for breeding), and if he appears to be of good breeding quality. Most bucklings will be wethered and sold to pet homes. Any doe kids not suitable for breeding/milking for any reason will also be sold at pet pricing.

A $50 per kid deposit will hold your goats until they are old enough to leave home. This may be as late as 12 weeks but is never before 8 weeks of age unless bottle feeding, which we only do in emergency situations or for medical reasons.

In the event that a sick, weak, or rejected kid requires bottle feeding, we will do our very best to get the kid back nursing with its own dam as soon as possible, as this provides the very best nutrition and the ideal social environment for the kid. If it's not possible to reunite the kid with its dam, we will attempt to "graft" the kid onto another doe in milk. And if neither scenario is successful, the kid will receive fresh goat milk by bottle - from their own dam if possible or if not, from another of our goats - to help ensure they get off to the best possible start.

Due to the commitment and challenges involved, bottle kids will only go to homes with experience in successfully raising bottle-fed creatures. If no suitable home is available, these kids will not be sold until they are old enough to be weaned.

Kids are assessed individually on their readiness to be weaned and leave their dam and siblings. We know it can be soooo hard to wait for your baby goat(s), but we hope buyers will understand the importance of making decisions that are best for the long term health of the kids. A fully functioning rumen, healthy appetite for solid foods, suitable maturity level, as well as good independence and social skills are all taken into consideration when making the decision on when a kid is ready to leave.

All kids are disbudded unless special arrangements are made in advance and full purchase price is received as a deposit. Kids will be dam raised whenever possible, very well socialized and tame, have first hoof trim, and wethers will be castrated via banding several weeks before they go to their new homes. We raise our goats using an herbal worming protocol, but upon request we can give a chemical dewormer to any kids before they go home with you.

Previous Kids

To help hold you over until your own kids are ready to go home with you, we thought you'd like to see  a few photos and videos of some of the kids born on our farm over the past few years.

Here is a fun video showing 3 of Marigold's kids born in the Spring of 2015: Shadow, Lucky and Quincy.

Baby Goats? Or Popcorn?

Today we're practicing our popcorn much fun!

Posted by The Farm At Cedar Woods on Sunday, April 5, 2015

We finished our 2015 kidding season with a total of 11 healthy, happy, playful and much-loved kids born to 4 does between the end of March and the end of July. Here are a few more of our 2015 kids...

Cora & Lucy - May 2015 (now in Qu├ębec)
Smokey - July 2015 (now in Campbell River)
Stanley - April 30, 2015 (living close by in Cedar)

In 2016, despite a couple of challenging births, our 7 does raised a total of 13 beautiful babies. Here are just a few...

Cocoa - July 17, 2016 (retained)
Walter - April 1, 2016 (now on Saltspring Island)
Cookie - July 17, 2016 (retained)
Princess - April 1, 2016 (now living in Courtenay)

And in 2017 we welcomed 18 kids including two sets of quads and two sets of triplets! Check out these cutie patooties...

Mikey with Mom Chloe, June 8 2017
Percy, June 8 2017
Sprinkles, April 18 2017
The small-but-mighty Peanut, June 8 2107
Ginger, March 24 2017
Cap'n Jack, April 18 2017

What's in store for 2018? Follow us on Facebook to see photos and videos of all the babies as they arrive...we're expecting a whole bunch starting the first week of April!

 Adult Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale

As we continue to improve our herd through selective breeding, we usually have a few young does each year coming into their first milking season. This means that at some point we must reluctantly say goodbye to some of our more experienced does, in order to ensure we have enough space for our goats to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We are now overdue for a herd reduction (overdue because it's just soooo hard to say goodbye to any of our girls, especially those with which we have a milk bond, so we keep putting it off!). For this reason, we will have a few adult does with their kids for sale as "packages" in the Spring of 2018. We may also have a few does available without their kids at weaning. These does will be in milk and will be experienced milkers trained to the stand, so they will be ideal for those who want to start milking right away or in the near future, instead of waiting up to two years for doe kids to mature and start producing milk.

We'll post photos and info on each doe as we make final decisions on which ones we'll be selling, but in the meantime you can contact us if you are interested in a doe in milk with kids in the Spring and we'll add your name to our interest list.

If you would like to arrange a viewing of any of our Nigerian Dwarf goats, or if you have any questions about any of our animals, please contact Susan to discuss.

Our farm is located just south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC. and we can arrange for delivery/shipping to destinations across Canada for an extra fee, if required. (Shipping fees are the actual transport fees charged by the airline/hauler, plus the cost of a suitable shipping crate, plus a $50-$100 shipping admin fee to cover our time in filling out the required paperwork, preparing the animals for shipping, and delivering to the airport or hauler.)