Who's Behind True Love Whole Foods?

> About True Love Whole Foods

Hah! Caught you snooping!

Yeah, we know...with a name like True Love  we have to expect a certain amount of staring and whispering behind our backs. Don't think we haven't noticed the comments...

  • "Are you open all year, or just on Valentine's Day?" [snicker snicker]
  • "Can you really put a price on love?"
  • (and our favourite) "What kind of a name is that for a business?"

So let's clear this up right now..

  1. We're open all year except for Valentine's Day (we think it should be a stat holiday and get its own long weekend).

  2. True love is priceless, but we still have to make a living.

  3. We think it's catchy. And sweet. Hey, YOU noticed, didn't you?

But what you really came here for is to find out who's behind the curtain in the magical Land of Oz, right Dorothy? Well then, let's not disappoint...

Susan has been growing food wherever she could find a spare corner, ever since her dad showed her how to plant pumpkin seeds in a compost pile when she was 5 years old.

Of course that's what eventually led to the fish pond incident. But we're over that now, aren't we Dad?

Lately, Susan has been particularly fond of growing berries, which feeds right into her passion for making jams and jellies. Which pairs particularly well with her home made bread (truly a match made in heaven).

She stays on the right side of the scale by running, swimming, dancing, and cycling in her spare time. Spare time...yeah, right.

Gerry comes from a hardworking Italian family, and grew up in a home where the four main food groups were cheese, olives, bread and wine.

After landscaping his back yard with grapes, figs, nuts and berries in the Summer of 2012, he decided he needed a little more space. So he bought a 28 acre farm.

Capable of pushing a fully loaded wheelbarrow uphill (both ways) in 3 feet of snow, Gerry is definitely the brawn half of the partnership...which is how he burns off all that bread and cheese.

And if that doesn't work he just signs up for a game of floor hockey against a bunch of teenagers. Works like a charm.

Given our shared love of good healthy food (Get it? True Love Whole Foods!), getting into the local food business was a natural fit when we decided to pool our resources and team up on a new venture. And just check out this complimentary skill set:

Susan loves to cook. Gerry loves to eat.

Susan is right-handed, Gerry is left-handed.

Susan brings 30 years of non-profit and business management experience to the table, including a background in food security, entrepreneurship and marketing. Most recently, she has enjoyed a successful online business career and is in demand as a small business trainer and online marketing coach.

. . . . . . Did I mention that Gerry can push a wheelbarrow all day long?